February 2014

Where to meet a mate in the 21st Century?


Our cuddly rhinos in 'rhino-on-rhino' online dating

Rhino poaching has reached critical levels and soon the number of rhino deaths will exceed the number of births, meaning the population will be in decline. In these tough times its more important than ever that rhino populations are protected and managed to help them succesfully breed. So with these intensifying threats will rhinos need to find a new approach to seeking love?


Rhino with dating profile Yeye ni kuangalia kwa upendo kwenye kompyuta. *He is looking for love on the computer.


Valentines rhinos at the riverAlikuwa pia kuangalia kwa upendo kwenye kompyuta. Leo anapata ujumbe kutoka vifaru kiume. *She was also looking for love on the computer. Today she received a message from a male rhino.

Hello. Je, unataka kukutana na mimi? *Hello. Do you want to meet me?

Kifaru ni wanyama wa maneno machache. *Rhinoceros are animals of few words.

Rhinos out for dinnerChakula kitamu na mvinyo! Lakini yeye anasema. *Tasty food and wine! But he says..

picha inaonekana tofauti sana. *The picture looks very differet.


Valentines rhinos at the river  Wao ni furaha pamoja. *They are happy together. 

Nafurahi kwamba nilikutana na wewe. *I am glad that I met you.

The end


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By Rory, Michael Hearn Intern

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  • Marianne
    16 March 2014, 21:51

    Rory, this is just adorable....so sweet that I'm in love, too!

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