January 2018

We did it! Thanks to your Facebook vote, we won $10,000 for rhinos!


We are thrilled to kick-start the New Year with a wonderful donation of $10,000 from Safari Bookings as winners of their Rhino Donation Campaign.

Our team sends a rhino-sized thank you to everyone who voted and to Safari Bookings for their festive gift to rhino conservation!


We were astonished and inspired by the support you all showed us in the run up to Christmas with an online competition organised by Safari Bookings. Thanks to your Facebook and Instagram votes, we won this vital funding to help us keep up the important rhino conservation work across Africa and Asia.

On behalf of all our team at Save the Rhino, thank you for loving rhinos as much as we do and for voting!

WATCH the announcement of the winner of Safari Bookings' competition in a live video.

With one rhino poached on average every eight hours in South Africa alone in 2016, rhinos need our support. This incredible gift will help us keep up the important rhino conservation work across Africa and Asia, and support our programme partners in the field with what they need to protect rhinos.

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