Good Luck to our London Marathon Team 2014!

We are so excited to see our latest batch of intrepid marathon runners cross the finish line at the Virgin Money London Marathon 2014. This Sunday we will be cheering off our 15 rhino costumes as well as numerous ‘un-costumed’ runners all proudly displaying the Save the Rhino Logo.

Running for Rhinos is a fantastic way to fundraise for vital rhino conservation and raise awareness for their plight. Poaching has sadly been on the increase and all 5 species of rhino are threatened with extinction. We are so grateful for the fantastic support from our team of runners and their friends and family, who are helping save these magnificent animals.

So far this year 277 rhinos have been killed in South Africa alone, that’s amounting to 3 rhinos per day in 2014, which means by the time the end of the London Marathon this year, 3 more rhinos will have been killed.

However, by working together we can make sure all 5 species survive for future generations to see and for the ecosystems, of which they are a vital part, to thrive. Save the Rhino works to conserve viable populations of all 5 rhino species through grant making to programmes throughout Africa and Asia.

Our Marathon runners fundraising will make a real and important impact to rhinos worldwide and ensure their Future. It is therefore important to once again thank all those running for Save the Rhino for their hard work, both training and fundraising. We can’t wait to greet all our runners at the finish line and will be providing a picnic and well-earned massage.

We look forward to seeing you all soon and wish you a huge GOOD LUCK for the race!

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