Why join Team Rhino for Ride London-Surrey 100 2018?

As we get closer to deadline day, May 25 2018, we speak to Sue Giles about why she and her family joined Team Rhino for Ride London-Surrey 100 2016.

Why did you choose to ride for Save the Rhino?

We chose to ride for Save the Rhino as my daughter, who qualified as a vet last year, has done work experience in South Africa at a rehab centre, working with orphaned rhinos and in Kruger Park.

The plight of rhinos was really brought home to her, and consequently Paul and me. We have been on several safari holidays and seen these beautiful, majestic creatures in the wild. It is a saddening thought that they might not be roaming free for future generations to see.

 What would you tell others who were interested in joining Team Rhino for this event?

What would I tell others interested in joining you? To steal someone else’s tagline – Just do it!! Everything you raise is going towards preserving the lives and habitats of rhinos and if we don’t act now, there will be no more. Someone asked my daughter why she chose to ride for rhinos and not some cancer or children’s charity and her reply was “humans are not about to become extinct”

Save the Rhinos had the best post ride picnic – with cold beer!


Credit: Jim Higham

What would be your biggest tip/piece of advice to any cyclist looking to take on Ride 100?

Tips and advice – do some training, it is a long ride. On the day eat and drink regularly even if you don’t feel hungry or thirsty. Once you are hungry and thirsty, you will be playing catch-up for the rest of the ride to keep fuelled. Remember it is not a race, take time to enjoy riding through London and Surrey on closed roads with no traffic worries. It doesn’t happen often!

To join Team Rhino for Ride London-Surrey 100 2018 fill out our application form here.

Want to know more? Contact us: 020 7357 7474 or email events@savetherhino.org

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