10 New Year’s resolutions you’ll want to keep!

Image of runners during a marathon

You’ve finally run out of leftover turkey and the Christmas TV is starting to dry up. All you’ve got left is to vow to do a whole host of things and then not follow through.

Forget joining the Gym or learning a new language, chances are you’ll give up come February. Let’s make some resolutions that you’ll want to keep.

 Duncan Starr-Boltt

1. Break a world record

Looking for that confidence boost or just up for a new challenge? Then make this the year that you break a record! Just take a look at one of our fundraisers, 35 year old Duncan Starr-Boltt, who in 2017 smashed the world record for largest set of unbroken wall balls (a full squat with a 9kg medicine ball before throwing it at a target 10ft in the air). However, if you can’t run faster than Usain Bolt, or do wall balls like Starr-Boltt, doesn’t mean you can’t set the highest of standards. There are plenty of diverse (and bizarre) records there for the taking.

Rhino Costume on Kilimanjaro

2. A spot of hill walking

Walking is a healthy physical exercise that creates fantastic pictures for your Facebook profile (and some wonderful memories too). Whether you’re hill walking in the Lake District or you’re climbing mountains all over the globe, you can travel farther and accomplish more than you think. If you can climb a mountain, you can do anything…right? It’s an impressive physical, mental, and emotional accomplishment. Go climb a mountain. You’ll love it. Find your perfect challenge at Discover Adventure.

Crystal freefalls through the sky on her way down!

3. Jump out of a plane

Ever thought of flying like a bird? (Falling like a rhino would probably be more appropriate). If you are an adventure junkie and enjoy a challenge, or maybe just terrified of heights and looking to torture yourself, then skydiving is for you! That’s exactly what ‘Jumping for Rhinos’ fundraiser and ZSL Whipsnade Zookeeper, Crystal, did. Crystal’s biggest fear is in fact flying. She probably couldn’t wait to jump out of that plane and get to somewhere safe! Read Crystal’s story here.

4. Bathe in beans

What more can I say, does exactly what it says on the tin… This timeless classic is the pinnacle of entertaining fundraisers. Whether you’re at work, with friends, or in the town centre, sitting in a tub of beans will certainly gather the crowds! All you have to do is ask your local supermarkets for baked bean contributions, find a location and watch the donations pour in!

5. 30 day challenges

A New Year’s challenge need not be a massive life-altering experiences.. It’s not where you are, but what you do with your time. That is what is so great about 30 day challenges, you can make a massive difference, save money or even raise money for a fantastic (rhino related) cause by giving something up for 30 days. Maybe you’re a registered chocaholic? Or a wine ‘o’ clock watcher, your friends and family will be right behind you to sponsor your 30 day challenge.

6. Shave it all off ‘it’s just hair’

Hair today – gone tomorrow… you know that old saying right? Well this couldn’t be truer for those that brave the shave. Want to do something with shock factor? Or maybe just to freshen things up? Whatever the reasons, it’s all for a very good cause, it’s just hair after all.

web BSDE4558

7. Run around like a rhino

If you’re wanting to run a 10k, marathon or half-marathon but looking for something a bit different to give you that fundraising edge, look no further! Save the Rhino International’s rhino costumes offer the runner the most authentic rhino simulator experience on the market. Costume runners often say they feel like celebrities, getting a huge amount of attention and cheers from the crowds. Finding friends that you never thought you had, and often being involved in altercations with the press. It’s an experience you’ll never forget! Find out more and enquire about our rhino costumes here.

8. Have a party!

Bring your friends, family and community closer in 2018 by throwing a fundraising party. Get merry, throw shapes and raise money for a great cause, sounds perfect! Not all fundraisers need to have the extravagance of a full-on gala, having a house or office party can be great as a simpler, more intimate alternative. Usually with no more than 50 attendees, a fundraising party can help you make a real difference within just a couple of short hours.
This is exactly what the South African Group ‘Crash Kids’ did! For their December 2017 ‘Crash social’, they invited their local schools and charged an entrance fee. They arranged a DJ (free of charge), sold blue lemonade and put up a “thought wall” where everyone could write messages about rhino conservation. The perfect way to end the year in style!

9. Go to work like a rhino

Our rhino costumes have been worn in marathons all over the world, including Paris, Boston and New York. They have been to the top of Kilimanjaro, the 150-mile Marathon des Sables in and Atacama Crossing (the driest place on earth), and now it could be coming to an office fundraiser near you! Nominate a colleague, or maybe your boss, who you think is a bit of a rhino (thick skinned and thorny) and watch them experience what it’s like being a rhino as they struggle to navigate corridors and cubicles. Find out more and enquire about our rhino costumes here.


10. 3,2,1 Baaaake!

With the Great British Bake Off still fresh in our memories we say to ourselves, “I wish I could bake like that… how cool would that be!” You don’t have to be Mary Berry to bake tasty treats – or sell them at your charity bake sale, they just need to be edible. Bake sales are a popular way to fundraise in offices, schools or with the family, and it’s easy to see why. They’re fun, delicious (sometimes), and a great way to involve your friends, kids and all of your loved ones.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to start your fundraising journey today, everything you need to help you get off to a flying start can be found here.

Or contact us at info@savetherhino.org and we will be happy to help you.

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  1. Run another 4 possibly 5 full marathons, donating $100.00 for each one completed to Save the Rhino. I have 4 entered and paid for so am committed to the task.

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