World Rhino Day 2013

On Sunday 22 September, Save the Rhino joined thousands of others across the world to celebrate World Rhino Day. The aim of the day is to raise awareness for all five rhino species and highlight the threats facing wild rhino populations.

We took our famous rhino costumes, and several helpful volunteers, to the streets of central London for an awareness walk, visiting the London embassies and High Commissions of the countries that have wild rhino populations.

We had a great reaction from the crowds, with both locals and tourists interested in learning more about rhinos. Our rhinos were spotted at several iconic London landmarks, browse through our photo album above!

Thank you also to Woburn Safari Park, Colchester Zoo, Knowsley Safari Park, West Midland Safari Park and Steffi Galt for hosting fundraising and awareness events for Save the Rhino this World Rhino Day.

Watch our video from the day

Check out Steffi Galt's video raising awareness in Edinburgh

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