Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture 2015


Neil Gaiman talks at the Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture 2015

New York Times best-selling author and screenwriter Neil Gaiman delivered the 13th Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture at London’s historic Royal Geographical Society on 3 March 2015.


Author of the ground-breaking comic The SandmanNeverwhere,CoralineThe Ocean at the End of the Lane and, most recently, Trigger Warning, Neil spoke of the timeless nature of stories in general and Adams’ work in particular in his lecture entitled On Immortality and Douglas

Gaiman’s talk wove together a blend of fables, history and humour with personal anecdotes of his friendship and work with Adams.

He concluded: “Our stories care for us, they make us human, and if they live forever the people who created them, who retell them, who pass them along, are living too. And that’s immortality.”

Neil Gaiman speaks at Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture 


The Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture

The Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture is held each year in honour of Save the Rhino founder patron Douglas Adams, who was a dedicated spokesperson for conservation right up until his death in 2001 at the age of 49.You can read more about Douglas and his interest in conservation here.

The lecture is held in aid of two charities, Save the Rhino and the Environmental Investigation Agency

Read the review from journalist Alison Flood at The Guardian here

(7) Comments

  • Ira
    09 September 2015, 08:15

    Any chance these lectures could be offered to buy online either in Audio or Video?

  • Save the Rhino
    10 September 2015, 11:38

    Hi Ira - the 2015 Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture is available to watch online through our YouTube channel - here's the link

  • Abigail Pavitt
    20 March 2016, 11:46

    Hi, one of my friends was ill and so missed the Alice Roberts talk. Can you tell me when it will be available to watch on line?

  • Cathy Dean
    20 March 2016, 12:32

    Hi Abigail

    We didn't film the whole lecture this year - sorry. There'll be a short film and we'll tweet / facebook the link as soon as the EIA has finished editing it.

  • Abigail Pavitt
    22 March 2017, 10:08

    Hi, What happened to this year's lecture? My partner and I suddenly realised we're well into March and were afraid we'd missed it!

  • Cathy Dean
    22 March 2017, 13:59

    Hi Abigail, and thanks for your query. For a number of reasons – availability of preferred speaker(s), Douglas’s family having other things happening in their lives – we’re not holding a DAML this March. In future we think the timing of the lectures will be a bit more flexible – not tied to Douglas’s birthday. If you’ve signed up to receive our emails, you’ll definitely get advance notice of future events, or simply check back to our website occasionally

    All the best, Cathy

  • annag
    07 April 2017, 17:35

    Thank you for hosting these!

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