Vietnamese consumers urged to reject rhino horn as a status symbol

Save the Rhino’s partners ENV have produced and released a fantastic advert poking fun at business men who use rhino horn as a status symbol. 

The PSA (advert) aims to reduce consumer demand for rhino horn and help bring an end to the slaughter of rhinos in South Africa.Chi Trung is a comedian in Vietnam, he plays a wealthy but misguided man who loses face in front of a crowd by trying to impress a beautiful girl with a piece of rhino horn. He steps out of a flashy car in an expensive suit expecting to be a big hit with the ladies, but instead makes a fool out of himself when he tries to impress the girl by revealing a piece of rhino horn. 


Rhino horn is also unfortunately seen as a symbol of success and status as it is so rare and expensive to buy illegally. This rising consumer demand has driven the killing of rhinos in South Africa to crisis point. A devastating 1,215 rhinos were killed in 2014, making it the worst year for rhino poaching on record. ENV reports that nearly 74 kilograms of rhino horn was confiscated by Vietnam’s customs in nine smuggling cases from 2011 to
2014. Dozens of Vietnamese nationals have been arrested around the world in connection with the smuggling and trade of rhino horn. ENV explain that this has brought global attention and criticism of Vietnam for its role in the escalating crisis. Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung, ENV’s Vice Director states that “It is time for the Vietnamese people to champion effort to protect rhinos and bring an end to this senseless killing”.

This PSA is the 23rd film to be released by ENV and is part of ENV’s long-term campaign to reduce consumer demand for products from endangered wildlife. The PSA will be broadcast on 50 national and provincial TV channels in the coming months. Save the Rhino International and International Rhino Foundation have provided support in producing this PSA.

Several national and provincial TV channels have agreed to air the PSA for free on, VTV Cab, An Vien TV (AVG), and VTC Digital.

Read more about ENV’s campaign to bring an end to the killing of rhinos can be found at:

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