The Strength of Chi campaign in Vietnam

Save the Rhino is pleased to announce that we are supporting a revolutionary campaign in Vietnam aimed at reducing the demand for rhino horn.

The campaign was launched in Vietnam on World Rhino Day, 22 September 2014, and aims to reduce the demand for rhino horn and change consumer behaviour by targeting key consumer groups. The “Chi campaign” promotes the idea that success, masculinity and good luck, flow from an individual’s internal strength of character and refutes the view that these traits come from a piece of horn. The campaign uses positive messaging targeted at key consumer groups. “Chi” meaning “Will” is a concept in Vietnamese culture signifying the power of what lies within.

Consumer research in 2013 discovered the key driver for consumption of rhino horn was its ‘emotional value’ rather than its “functional” value and that the main users included wealthy business men between 35-50 living in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This campaign aims to tackle the emotional motivators rather than the more traditional focus of campaigns which tend to prioritise conservation messages through raising sympathy for the plight of rhinos. 

“The campaign has been designed using Vietnamese insights and values” stated Josselyn Neukom, Country Director of Population Services International (PSI) who were involved in developing the campaign.

Below are the initial images developed as part of the campaign.

Be aware


Masculinity from within

spiritualityThe “Chi” campaign will be rolled out across media platforms and is being placed in prominent areas using outdoor billboards, in-store and digital signage, interpersonal activation teams, business networking events, mobile messaging, and testimonials through popular newspapers and magazines in Viet Nam. The campaign will be delivered over the next 2 years through a number of activities.     

Save the Rhino International is helping fund many of the activities in the “Chi” campaign and we feel it is one of the most significant campaigns being launched to tackle the demand for rhino horn. In 2014 the UK government awarded Save the Rhino International in partnership with TRAFFIC and PSI a grant towards the campaign to reduce the demand for rhino horn through behaviour change in Vietnam. The grant has come from the newly created “Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund” managed by Defra; it aims to tackle the illegal wildlife trade and to meet the obligations laid out in the London Declaration that was signed in February 2013. Save the Rhino is also contributing £30,000 from money fundraised through our supporters. TRAFFIC and PSI are leading the campaign in Vietnam and we are very pleased to be working with them on such a fantastic project. 

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