Cause-related marketing (CRM)

Credit: Joshua Dunlop

Linking your brand to Save the Rhino International can help drive sales, support your brand strategy and build customer loyalty. We can provide Save the Rhino International’s iconic logo to clearly show your support for rhino conservation and demonstrate your corporate responsibility to your customers.

Why is it worth it?

Supporting Save the Rhino International can differentiate your brand from competitors, adding value and building trust with your customers and clients.

  • Can help enhance your sales and brand
  • Heighten customer loyalty and emotional engagement with your brand
  • Boost your public image and help distinguish it from the competition
  • Build employee morale and loyalty
  • Drive PR and publicity
  • Reinforce your credentials as an environmentally responsible brand
  • Engage new audiences

A number of studies including the Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer carried out by C&E Advisory in 2013, have shown that when selecting products that are similar in terms of price and quality, consumers would favour purchasing those that are associated with a charitable cause.

The Barometer showed that 7 out of 10 consumers who had participated in a CRM programme reported a positive impact on their behaviour or perceptions.

The Barometer also found that almost half said that they had switched brands, increased their usage of a brand and trialled or made enquiries about new products as a result of participating.

If you are interested in cause-related marketing with Save the Rhino International, please get in touch by emailing Josephine, our Corporate Relationship Manager

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