How to get involved

Are you looking for a charity partnership with a difference? Save the Rhino is a world renowned conservation charity, it is a small, vibrant and personal charity who works to conserve rhinos and support the communities in which they live. From anti-poaching and monitoring patrols, environmental education and demand reduction, we look to reduce poaching in order that future generations will benefit from healthy rhino populations. We are passionate, and go the extra mile to make a difference, by fundraising to support programmes  which are dedicated to protecting the rhino and ecosystem in which they live. 

Working with Save the Rhino, is a rewarding way for your business to demonstrate CSR and gain a range of special benefits. The current opportunities to get involved are outlined below. These include brand association and employee engagement. We can tailor these initial offerings to deliver brand and business requirements.

How your company can support Save the Rhino International

There are many ways in which your company can help Save the Rhino International, from donations, employee fundraising and events to sponsorship, sports challenges and making us your Charity of the Year.

Financial donation

Our corporate donors are valued supporters of Save the Rhino International. Your company can make a simple donation to Save the Rhino International which would help conserve rhinos and support the communities in which they live. If you have a favourite rhino or rhino programme that you would like to support, we would be happy to do that too – just let us know! We can provide you with regular updates about rhinos in the news and our urgent work with the current rhino poaching crisis with monthly RhiNEWs emails. Click here if you would like to make a donation.

If you are a small business looking to make a difference, you can join our Save the Rhino Business Club and raise funds to help protect this iconic species and engage your employees. You can read more about our Business Club membership here.

Corporate Partnership

Our corporate partners make a vital difference to our work in rhino conservation. But just as importantly, partnering with Save the Rhino International can have a positive impact on your business and your brand.

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Fundraising & Payroll Giving

Fundraising activities make great workplace activities, motivate staff and help build team morale – all for a good cause! Whether staff or customers are sponsored by friends and family to take part in a challenge or event, all the money raised by you will fund crucial rhino programmes.

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Payroll Giving is another simple way for employees to give to Save the Rhino International.

Events & sponsorship

Event sponsorship is a great way to connect with new audiences, get people involved including staff, customers and clients, and demonstrate your commitment to corporate citizenship whilst promoting your brand.

You could also organise your own event in aid of Save the Rhino International. We’d be happy to support you with the planning and organisation.

Cause-related marketing

Linking your brand to Save the Rhino International can help drive sales, support your brand strategy and encourage your customers  to support rhino conservation.

We can work together to make sure that the project is innovative, creative and provides mutually beneficial results.

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Challenge events are one of our strengths and we are always looking for ways to make a challenge even more challenging! Inspire your employees with challenge ideas and organise fundraising competitions between branches or departments.

Sharing skills

Donate your expertise to our internal team and you’ll be providing invaluable skills to both us and our field programmes too.

You can also donate products and gifts to support our work.

Charity of the Year

Do it all! Make a real difference. Make us your Charity of the Year. Our partnership with you could involve a variety of activities and can be totally tailored to your company’s needs.

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