Workshop 1: Using technology to protect Africa's and Asia’s rhino

This project will bring together some 50 representatives from Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, as well as the Chair of the Asian Rhino Specialist Group. By getting people together, to discuss practical, technical rhino matters, we hope for detailed sharing of expertise and advice, for the better conservation of Africa’s rhino populations. The meeting will be held in November 2012 in Namibia.


 To share expertise between field program managers and security experts, so that the optimal techniques and equipment can be used for rhino conservation activities, particularly protection and law enforcement.


  • To introduce field practitioners to others facing similar challenges
  • To allow field people to share knowledge of which techniques and technologies are working and which are not, and under what conditions / circumstances
  • To provide the opportunity for field people to brainstorm and problem solve together, in order to troubleshoot a) specific needs for specific rhino areas and b) general needs experienced by all
  • To generate a list of priority equipment (a wishlist), with a budget (through working groups on last day, headed by country rhino coordinators)
  • To develop a strategy and / or generate specs for technology that needs to be sought from other sectors, and/or still needs to be customized / improved / developed

The meeting is being funded by USFWS RTCF (main donor) and by Save the Rhino, with additional, in-kind support from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia Wildlife Resorts and WWF-Namibia. Save the Rhino’s Director, Cathy Dean, will be responsible for taking notes at the meeting, writing these up and circulating them to participants, in order to create a permanent reference point from the meeting and disseminate findings further.

To read the Press Release issued after the meeting, click here.

UPDATE: Read about how the meeting went!