Little Ndaba toy - Kango

These Little Ndaba crocheted rhino toys are handmade by a women’s group in Lusaka, Zambia using 100% organic cotton.

Help support the work of Save the Rhino and the Little Ndaba women’s group by buying one of these toys today.

The toys come in five designs and are named after rhinos monitored in the North Luangwa National Park in Zambia; each comes with its unique history.

Approximately 14cm long.

Please note: Due the handmade nature of this item, designs may vary slightly from the photograph.

Kango’s story

Kango, meaning ‘chief’, was born in South Africa and travelled to Zambia’s North Luangwa National Park when he was seven. At seven, Kango was considered to be an adult bull but sadly, many years later, Kango has never become a dominant male and suffers at the horns of his rivals. Luckily, protection from the rangers means that he is able to lead a less stressful life with additional support and food provided to him.

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