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Sew your own rhino

Click here to learn how to sew your own rhino


Sew your own rhinos








Five by Five
Did you know that there are actually FIVE species of rhino? Two of these species live in Africa and three live in Asia. Three of the five species are CRITICALLY ENDANGERED and all of them species are threatened by poaching and habitat loss. Click here to open our factsheet to learn more about the differences and similarities between the sp ecies and then test your skills by completing the wordsearch at the bottom. 

Cowabunga Dude!
Some rhino species are known for their like of muddy wallows. Not that many are known for their love of surfing, but we've managed to find one! Click here for instructions and templates to make your very own surfing rhino.

Hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting
Rhinos are renowned for their poor sight. Rhinos are so short-sighted that at about 3 metres a human with a rifle looks pretty much like a human with a camera... or a tree for that matter! Click here to read Rhino Five Senses and learn how rhinos use their other senses to compensate.

Rhino modelling
Rhinos might not quite be the supermodels of the animal kingdom but we still think they're pretty cute! Armed with some modelling clay and our instructions you'll have everything you need to make your very own model rhino! Click here to read for instructions on how to Make a Fimo Rhino

Rhino + Rhino = More Rhinos!
Saving rhino species takes a surprising amount of maths! To manage a population well you need to know about the population size, the growth rates and the proportion of males and females. Use your maths skills to solve the rhino related problems on this worksheet