Vietnam: TRAFFIC Vietnam

TRAFFIC is an international non-governmental agency with a mission to ensure that trade in wild animals and plants is not a threat to the conservation of nature. TRAFFIC has offices in different regions of the world, the Southeast Asia region is based in Hanoi in Vietnam.

The problem

With an economy growing at a rate faster than those of G7 nations, Vietnam is generating unprecedented individual wealth and an ability to purchase status-conferring luxury products including rhino horn. It is imperative to change behaviour of these wildlife consumers by addressing emotional and functional drivers for consumption within these groups through the application of robust demand-reduction approaches. Consumer research showed that rhino horn is being purchased for its ‘emotional value’ relating to status and the display of wealth and success.

How is TRAFFIC Vietnam tackling this problem?

TRAFFIC Vietnam has over two decades of experience researching consumer attitudes on rhino horn in Vietnam and the design and delivery of targeted evidence-based demand-reduction initiatives. TRAFFIC works with a wide range of influential partners in Vietnam including government departments, the media and the business sector.

Our work

The demand for illegal rhino horn is the biggest threat to the survival of all rhino species. In order to secure a future for all rhinos, we need to win the hearts and minds of the people who are currently buying rhino horn – who are consequently driving the illegal wildlife trade – to persuade them not to buy rhino horn. This project is based on an evidence-based social-science approach targeted at the key consumers of rhino horn and uses positive Vietnamese cultural references.


Demand reduction

Behaviour change

Illegal wildlife trade

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