Kenya: Informant and crime management training course

A 10-day training course for rhino programme field managers and investigators in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia, contributing to better investigations and prosecutions in the wildlife sector.

The problem

The main threat to the rhino is poaching for the international illegal trade in rhino horn. The illegal wildlife trade is now the fourth-biggest illegal trade in the world. There are different estimates of its total value, with illegal fishing and logging alone touted at anywhere from $10-30 billion.

It is of utmost importance that the rangers on the ground are trained in tactics to effectively carry out investigations and prosecutions in the wildlife sector.

What did the course include?

A 10-day training course for 18 participants, including 10 people from the Kenya Wildlife Service, two from Rhino Fund Uganda, four from the North Luangwa Conservation Project in Zambia, and one person each from African Parks’ project in Akagera National Park in Rwanda and from the Association of Private Land Rhino Sanctuaries in Kenya. The course was held in Nanyuki, Kenya, in October 2017.

The course contributed to better investigations and prosecutions in the wildlife sector. Upon competent completion of this course, participants possessed the skills necessary to confidently manage criminal informants in a safe, productive and legal manner. As a result, we expect that information gained supports infiltration of criminal networks, leads to convictions, and ultimately disrupts the poaching of endangered species such as rhino and elephant and the trafficking of wildlife products.

Our work

Save the Rhino International has supported this training course with a total grant of $59,411 thanks to grants of $32,706 from US Fish & Wildlife Service, $8,389 from our own core funds, and $18,315 from participants’ own organisations.


Black rhino

(Diceros Bicornis)

White rhino

(Ceratotherium simum)


Sharing knowledge

Capacity building

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Reducing Illegal Horn Trade
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