Capacity building

For programmes to run long term and be self sustainable it is important to build capacity within the programmes. This includes building skills and experience that may not already exist in a programme, this can sometimes be done by exchanging staff and experiences between programmes, sending people on training courses or organising workshops specifically to deliver certain skills. Capacity building involves increasing opportunities, and enhancing involvement in activities that staff haven't done before. 


AfRSG group of rhino experts Technology workshop
African Rhino Specialist Group meeting 2013 (C) SRI Major General (ret.) Johan Jooste opens the workshop  on new technology for rhino monitoring and security held in Kruger National Park in March-April 2014

Teacher training workshop for                           Lolesha Luangwa in Zambia

JRSCA rangers in Indonesia
Teachers attending a rhino workshop JRSCA Fence (C) IRF