Save the Rhino and ENV

SRI started working with ENV in 2012.  SRI donated a £12,958 grant in 2012 for several strands of work including a public awareness campaign through public service announcements (PSA) on TV nationally and a viral internet campaign, the campaign was distributed virally through websites, social media channels and displayed during ENV awareness activities such as public exhibitions and university programmes. The grants also help to strengthen their law enforcement work through their Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU).

 In August 2013 SRI donated £1,155 to pay towards costs of a press conference to announce the findings of a visit by a Vietnamese delegation to South Africa, to raise awareness of the rhino poaching crisis within Vietnam.

 In March 2014 SRI donated £16,280. The grant will pay for awareness-raising via a range of media outlets, law enforcement efforts in Vietnam and working on policy with the Vietnamese government.

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 Other funders

 The association Eco faune Virement in France donated 2,500 euros towards demand reduction which contributed towards the grant to ENV in March 2016