August 2014

China’s role in the rhino poaching crisis


There is an increasing amount of evidence to suggest a worrying renewal of Chinese interest in rhino horn, not seen since the early 1990s. Over the past year, several Chinese citizens across the globe have been implicated and arrested for their role in the trafficking of rhino horns and antiques. This includes the Zhifei Li, who was sentenced to nearly six years in prison, after admitting his leading role behind an international smuggling ring based in the USA.

Julian Rademeyer is an investigative journalist, and author of Killing for Profit, a book exposing the illegal trade in rhino horn. He has written an excellent article looking into China’s role in the rhino horn trade past and present, which you can read online here.  

Photo credit Karen Rennie

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  • Elisabet Peterzen
    26 August 2014, 12:57

    It' sickening in this day and age that people could still be so primitive.

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