April 2012

The Horn competition


**The competition has now closed, thanks for your feedback!**

Our new website was launched one month ago and we would love to have your feedback. What do you think of the new design? Are there any sections that you like / dislike? What content are you most interested in?

Let us know by posting your comments below. The first 10 helpful comments will receive a free cotton shopper bag so get scribbling! Please leave your email so we can get in touch if you are a lucky winner.

(8) Comments

  • Amy Carter
    27 April 2012, 17:02

    i think this website is fantastic. the badge is great as it helps people to come to your website and help save a rhino. i am such a big fan of rhinos the i bought the hat and i wear it to the zoo so the rhinos know i care about them. i have toys and ever since i discovered this website i am happy to find out how the rhinos are doing. i am most intrested in the news because the comments are great and everyone else can see what you have said. i love all the sections they are great and intresting to look at.

    thank you,
    your sincerely,
    Amy Carter :D

  • Andrew Attias
    01 May 2012, 20:32

    I love the site design, good colours, easy to read and simple to navigate. It would be great to have a forum page, especially considering the depth of supporters views and ideas at the Rhino Mayday today. Perhaps a link from the Thorny Issues to the forum so that views could be expressed and discussed? Keep up the good work.

  • Laura
    01 May 2012, 21:35

    Thank you both for your feedback!

    Andrew - just to say that we are moving our Thorny Issues section in case you go back and can't find it. It is now available at: http://www.savetherhino.org/rhino_info/thorny_issues. We think it fits into the Rhino Info section better.

  • Lucy-jayne
    07 June 2012, 18:11

    This site is brilliant I am doing a project at school about endangered animals and I chose the rhino because its a very interesting specie. The web page has helped me gather important infomation about why rhinos are getting extinct I love this website thanks!!!!!!!!!

  • Mushi
    13 June 2012, 04:44

    I only love my family, myself, and the rhino more than I love your re-design. I am going to tell all my friends to come and visit (and, DONATE).

  • John Buchanan
    14 June 2012, 17:56

    Your site is good looking and easy to navigate. I will recommend it to friends and guests of our zoo.

  • Laura Adams
    02 July 2012, 15:19

    Hi Lucy-Jayne, could you send me an email at laura@savetherhino.org so that I can send on your free shopper bag? I have your email but it doesn't seem to work. Thanks!

  • Anonymous commenter
    21 October 2012, 12:51

    I Really like the design of your new website. I think it is wonderful what you are doing for the rhinos. You should also have a look at myrhino.co.za they have over 200 different designs of rhinos by artists and famous designers. Alternatively have a look at rhinoparade.com, similiar to the cow parade concept but with Rhinos.

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