Past Appeals - I Will Survive

Andatu Sitting When donating please select ''Indonesia Sumatran Rhino Appeal'' as your chosen project

As the first ever baby Sumatran rhino born at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary here in Indonesia (that's quite a mouthful for a young rhino to say you know), I’m feeling pretty special. It's tough for baby Sumatran rhinos when growing up but with your help 'I Will Survive' I just know I will! I was born in June this year and have been loving all the fuss and attention I have been getting.

Mum tells me that our family used to be pretty large but now Sumatran rhinos are critically endangered with only a few hundred left in the world, blimey.

I have lots of fantastic keepers here to look after me but it takes a lot of care and money to keep me strong, healthy and safe, even though I'm still only small. Which is why Save the Rhino are running this appeal, to raise funds for the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary to help the survival of the Sumatran rhino population, including me. Please donate any amount today to help me survive.

Below shows what things cost to look after us here, but every single donation helps to make a difference and to help me grow up strong and healthy.

Cost Per What does this pay for
£10 Day Pays for my food and routine care
£40 Month Pays for my medicines and health checks
£250 Day The running costs for the sanctuary

When donating please select ''Indonesia Sumatran Rhino Appeal'' as your chosen project

Here's a nice pic of me playing in the mud in my home, just before I rubbed it all over mum, aren't I a looker!

Muddy Andatu

Please donate today to help us to raise much needed funds to protect the future of Andatu, his sanctuary and the wider Sumatran rhino population.

Andatu Sitting


Photo Credit: Dedi Candra

Thank you so much for helping me today