Covid-19 puts rhinos in danger

The Covid-19 pandemic is putting rhinos in real jeopardy. Our rhino conservation partners have been heavily impacted by the global lockdown and they need urgent support to carry on their vital work. You can keep rhinos safe, wherever they are, during Covid-19.

Since May, the Covid-19 Crisis appeal has raised funds for a different place each month. Focusing on a programme in Namibia in May, South Africa in June and Indonesia in July. Your incredible generosity has meant that more than £22,000 has been raised to support programmes in need of extra support due to Covid-19. Thank you so much.

Of course, the threats that rhinos and rangers face have not disappeared. We’re continuing to work with our partners on the ground and our supporters around the world to help essential rhino protection activities to keep going. Thanks to you, we can ensure that rhinos and rangers stay safe.

With your donation, we can make sure that rhinos, the places they live and the people that protect them, stay safe. If you can, please donate to support rhino conservation today.

Thank you.

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