World Rhino Day 2016

Thursday 22 September is World Rhino Day


At Rhino HQ we're celebrating all five species of rhino - Black, White, Greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan. It's also a chance to remind ourselves why rhinos are so important to our environment, and communities living alongside these majestic animals. 

Celebrate with us

This World Rhino Day, celebrate these amazing animals and share your stories, photos and hopes for the future using the hashtag #worldrhinoday2016

You could hold a fundraising bake sale, or donate - playing a vital role in saving rhinos from the brink of extinction.


Five Reasons Why Rhinos Matter


Rosa SRS World Rhino Day Candra 092212 2 low resRhinos are vital for the environment

Rhinos help maintain natural balance within their habitat. The Greater one-horned rhino in India and Nepal helps to germinate the seeds of the Trewia tree with its dung.   In Africa, scientists are only just understanding the vital part played by White rhinos in creating and preserving grasslands which many species depend upon. As a result, rhinos are now classed as a “keystone species’ - playing a key role in supporting other animals and their environment.



Rhinos are an umbrella species

What’s an umbrella species? Well, when we protect rhinos we are also protecting all the other animals living in their shared habitat including birdlife, fish, insects and other mammals. 

If rhinos go, it’s harder to look after the little guys who don’t always attract as much attention as they deserve. 


Rhinos bring eco-tourismCredit: Save the Rhino International

People need rhinos too. In areas where rhinos and humans live alongside each other, these charismatic animals bring job opportunities through eco-tourism which, in turn, can help regenerate the local economy. 



Big Life Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers work together to protect the areas wildlife

Rhinos are part of our natural heritage.

As long as humans have walked the planet, rhinos have also been part of our art, our cultural history and the fabric of life.

 If rhinos became extinct, it would be a loss for the whole of humanity, but even more so for the communities where rhinos are part of their heritage.


Skulls of poached rhinos (C) Steve & Ann ToonIf we lose rhinos, we've lost to crime syndicates.

The people at the top running the rhino horn trade don’t just stick to the illegal wildlife trade. They traffic weapons, counterfeit goods and people too, and fund terrorism.

They’re not the kind of people we want to win the poaching war - but you can help stop them.



(5) Comments

  • Anonymous commenter
    25 August 2016, 19:47

    We will be on our Winos & Rhinos Tour of South Africa and Victoria Falls. We will be donating to Save the Rhino in honour of our group trip featuring safaris and winelands etc.

  • Joe Falzon
    27 August 2016, 12:42

    We are companions of the Earth with Rhinos and all other wildlife. It is our duty as humans to protect these creatures from extinction. It's a symbiotic relationship. Humans need them and they need us. I want to see the day when when all rhinos are protected and poaching no longer exists.

  • Maggie
    18 September 2016, 07:59

    humans don't have the right to decide who lives and who dies on the earth; we don't own this world, we belong to it.

  • Anonymous commenter
    22 September 2016, 15:52

    Rhinos have as much rights to live decently on earth as the humans have !! Only God decides who lives and who dies on the earth; humans don't own this world, they belong to it as the rhinos do ! How would the humans feel if rhinos were in humans place, and they only had the right to decide which human may live and who has to die ??

  • Vixen
    10 December 2016, 11:46

    Why are people proud of killing these magnificent creatures??
    It's their world too and we should make sure they are here to enjoy it.
    Each creature on this earth is beautiful in its own right!

    We are truly blessed to share our planet with them!!! Vixenxxx

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