Release your inner rhino

Much like us humans, rhinos have some pretty unique characteristics. Quirky, moody, headstrong, they all have their own ways. The ironic thing is, we are more like our rhino friends than you may think. Take a look at what typifies the Black, White, Sumatran, Javan and Greater One Horn rhinos and which species sounds most like you.

But don’t stop there… Why not use those inspiring characteristics to your advantage by getting creative in the style of your rhino alter ego?

To help you decide which rhinoesque challenge you’d like to try take a look at our fab five along with some rather different fundraising ideas.

For great tips and ideas on how to let your inner rhino free click on the images below and get creative fundraising for your rhino in the wild.

Black Rhino Tab V2

Black Rhino

Speedy, active all the time, with a tendency to get grumpy...sound familiar?

Turn mean and moody into motivational magnificence.


GreaterOneHorned Rhino Tab

Greater One Horned Rhino

Enjoys a tickle, armour wearing and great at swimming.

Splash, tickle and get fundraising.


Javan Rhino Tab

Javan Rhino

On the shy side, quiet, elusive and mysterious...

You know what they say about the quiet ones!

White Rhino Tab

White Rhino

Big and strong yet calm and surprisingly agile.

Put all that talent to the test, you know you want to.

Sumatran Rhino Tab

Sumatran Rhino

Smaller than the others, you like to do things alone and you're so so hairy!

There's plenty of tricks up your sleeves - get fundraising today.