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The late, great Douglas Adams took part in a trek from Mombasa to the top of Kilimanjaro for Save the Rhino back in 1994, taking a turn to wear the famous rhino costume along the coastal stretch. He writes about it in 'The Salmon of Doubt'. Since then, we have continued this trip for rhino conservation and offer a very special trip to Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary, one of the rhino programmes we support.

For many people, conquering Kilimanjaro is the ultimate trekking challenge. Just under 20,000 ft; the highest peak in Africa; the world's highest free-standing mountain; and yet you can reach the summit without any previous climbing or trekking experience, given some dedication in preparation and determination to succeed once on the mountain.

The challenge starts in the rainforest at the base of this huge dormant volcano, home to elephant, buffalo, antelope and monkeys. Higher up you’ll cross moorland with incredible Senecio and Lobilia plants. Beyond this lies the rock and ice zone as you slowly approach the summit. It is an incredible achievement to reach Gillman’s Point on the edge of the crater rim. The fittest will push onto the Uhuru Peak. Whichever point you reach, you’ll be greeted by truly stunning views across the Maasai plains and the euphoria of standing on top of the world.

After the challenge you will have a night in a hotel to celebrate your success. Following this groups of 4 or more Save the Rhino climbers can then choose to stay 2 nights at a luxury tented camp in Mkomazi National Park, where you will have morning and afternoon game drives and a full day visit to Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary to see the Environmental Education Project at Mkomazi in action.  This specially designed Environmental Education programme called "Rafiki wa Faru" (or Friend of the rhinos) works with schools from the 41 villages surrounding Mkomazi National Park to link conservation with school children. By bringing the children to visit the Park, it is hoped that the next generation of Tanzanians will work for the conservation of the Tsavo ecosystem and its biodiversity.

Many companies and charities offer Kilimanjaro challenges - but here's how Save the Rhino can offer you a truly unique experience!

  • Trek on the little-used Rongai route where you'll see few others and have a real sense of wilderness
  • Go on safari in Mkomazi National Park after the trek and visit Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary- this is exclusive to Save the Rhino and not available with any other operator
  • Have the satisfaction of visiting the project you'll be helping to support and finding out first-hand the difference you have made

Download an information pack

Request our Rhino Climb Kili Information Pack '17-'18 for full details on what to expect from the climb and its significance for Save the Rhino.

Choose your date

Treks run throughout the climbing season and Save the Rhino can arrange for individuals to join an existing trip, or for groups of four or more to set up their own date.

Visiting Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary

We can offer a trip to Mkomazi for groups of 4 or more. If you sign up with us as an individual, or a smaller group, we can advertise the date of your trek on our website to find extra participants.

Still looking for inspiration?

Rhino-supporter and author of the Climb Kilimanjaro Guide Mark Whitman gives his top 5 reasons to go for it!

When I decided I was going to climb Kilimanjaro I knew exactly which charity and cause I would raise money for. What I didn’t know is the impact climbing Kilimanjaro would have on my life.

Read the full blog here

We hope to hear from you soon and if you have any other questions at all please feel free to get in touch with Claudia at events@savetherhino.org

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