Zambia: Lolesha Luangwa


Lolesha Luangwa is a pioneering environmental education programme working with 21 local schools (around 1400 pupils annually) in the Game Management Areas surrounding the North Luangwa National Park. Lolesha Luangwa means "Look at Luangwa". The programme uses the black rhino as the focal species for engaging and educating school children how to conserve wildlife and the environment for the long term benefit of their communities.

Programme details:
Staff: Claire Lewis (Technical Advisor), Michael Eliko (LL Education Officer), Cephas Chota (LL Outreach Officer)
Location: North Luangwa National Park, Zambia.
Species: Black rhino
Habitat: North Luangwa National Park (NLNP) is located in the Northern Province of Zambia. The Park covers an area of 4,636 km² and is situated in the mid- to upper Luangwa Valley.
Activities: Environmental Education

Why support this programme
The support of local people living close to rhinos is a crucial element in their protection. Most of the children living around the National Park have never seen a rhino and are curious what they look like and why they should protect them. These children will be the guardians of rhinos in the future and it is important to win their hearts and minds through awareness and education. Many local schools lack electricity and have limited resources but the education is so revered to those who can afford it that children will walk several miles to attend school. The Lolesha Luangwa programme aims to teach the children about conservation so they will share this knowledge with their families and friends and help spread the message about the importance of protecting the black rhino and other wildlife.

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Funding need
The programme pays for Lolesha Luangwa teacher and student materials on an annual basis; two locally employed full time education officers’ – their wages, medical cover, travel, subsistence and uniforms – to visit each school several times a year to deliver black rhino based presentations to supplement the Lolesha Luangwa teaching and student resources; the annual special event ‘Conservation Celebration Days’; from 2014 school visits into the Park using a newly acquired converted truck; and monitoring and evaluation.

The current annual cost for Lolesha Luangwa is about €47,000. The programme is partially funded up until the end of June 2014 but we continue to seek donors to fill the funding gap. Your donations will make a valuable contribution to the development of this programme.

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Comments from the programme
“All Zambians let’s come together and conserve our wildlife especially black rhinos because they bring development to this country Zambia.” – lyrics to a song performed by children at Conservation Celebration Day
A Grade 5 learner: “We have to learn regularly about conservation so that we are able to remember them and put them action when we grow up.”
A Grade 5 learner: “I told my dad that no-one should kill our few rhinos, because if we lose them now, we will never get them back again.”
A Conservation Teacher: “Being a conservation teacher is good because as you teach learners you also increase your awareness about conservation and start practising, which will set an example to the community.”

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