Field reports

We get regular stories from India Rhino Vision 2020 which we publish in our bi-annual magazine the Horn. This section contains some of best articles and stories we have received.


Credit: WWF India

The challenges of expanding India's rhino population

Autumn 2015

Credit: Kelly Russo

India's Pride in its Greater one-horned Rhinos

Spring 2014


(C) Fabian Muhlberger Wildlife PhotographyLife and death in Kaziranga's monsoon floods

Autumn 2016

Deba Dutta 1

Following in tiny steps: is this good news?

Spring 2013

Rangers patrolling the fence line on the southern boundary of Manas National Park

Community Spirit

Spring 2012

Rhino spotted during the daily monitoring in Manas National Park

Progress in Manas National Park

Autumn 2011

Translocation team gather round a darted rhino, prior to it's translocation

Progress by Translocation

Spring 2011

IndianRhinoVision 1

The Bumpy Road to Bodoland

Spring 2010

A greater one-horned rhinoceros

Moving Rhinos to Manas

Spring 2009

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