What we do

History of our involvement

Save the Rhino International has supported SRT since the early 1990s, with grants from our core funds, as well as organising fundraising events in aid of SRT (Desert Trek Namibia in 2005, Rhino Cycle Namibia in a number of years) and preparing fundraising applications (USFWS, the Ashden Trust, Save Our Species) on behalf of SRT. SRI’s Director Cathy Dean spent three months working with SRT staff while on sabbatical in 2011, and since 2006, we have sent each of our interns (12-month contract) to Namibia to spend one month working with the team there.


SRT is a costly project to run mainly because of the vast distances that need to be covered, as well as the rugged terrain that takes its toll on vehicles.
Some of the major costs are: vehicles, fuel, personnel costs, food rations for field staff, uniforms as well as administrative costs related to the projects administrative office and five base camps.

Other funders

SRT receives funding from numerous international donor organisations, including: The Nature Conservancy (USA), Minnesota Zoo (USA), Tusk Trust (UK and USA), David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (UK), and Save African Rhino Foundation (Australia).

Other donors include Berolina Schriftbild (Germany), Rhino Africa Safaris (South Africa) and Dr Haag (Germany).

Local Namibian support for SRT is increasing, spearheaded by their joint venture partnership with Wilderness Safaris and additional funding through Wilderness Wildlife Trust. Other significant Namibian donors include Sunshine Tours and Okorusu Mine Community Trust. The Game Products Trust Fund of the Namibian Government has also contributed significantly to the work of SRT over many years.