Anti poaching and monitoring

Rhino monitoring, annual ear-notching and dehorning operations form part of LRT's primary goals. This includes occasional emergency translocations in order to remove rhinos from dangerous areas. The LRT is working hard to save Zimbabwe’s rhinos from poachers by translocating rhinos from high-risk areas to smaller, well-protected locations; treating rhinos with snare and shot wounds and returning them to the wild; rehabilitating injured orphaned rhino calves; helping authorities track, apprehend and prosecute poachers; and intensively tracking and monitoring rhinos to ensure their safety and in order to intensively manage the population.

Monitoring and evaluation

LRT operates a very sophisticated rhino ID database which tracks sightings of each animal and flags up those not sighted over a given period. LRT’s quarterly and annual reports are clear and transparent in reporting on achievements against pre-defined objectives.