Volunteer with Dambari Wildlife Trust

(This article was originally published in The Horn, spring 2012. Author: Adele Edwards, Logistics Manager, Dambari Wildlife Trust)

Do you sometimes get fed-up with working in the city; being surrounded by people, buildings, traffic? My office window overlooks sun-drenched grassland, busy with birds and insects, and occasionally I glimpse two magnificent kudu bulls! While my work environment at Dambari is wonderful, there’s rarely time to appreciate it. Development, administration and fundraising for the 50-acre field station, and Dambari’s various research and conservation projects, falls onto the shoulders of just three staff.

Last year we were fortunate to have four people volunteer at Dambari, which made us realise what a boon an extra pair of willing hands could be. An MSc graduate reviewed and collated a backlog of research data, and we received invaluable assistance from SRI’s Cath Lawson, Cathy Dean and Cathy’s husband Kenneth Donaldson. Not only did they help with many office tasks but they were also great for our planning and ideas sessions. Their advice and enthusiasm encouraged us to explore a paying volunteer scheme to earn critical funding to support our field station base, and we are looking forward to hosting our first guest in June.

Primarily a research and conservation Trust, we can take two to four visitors at a time. Volunteer activities might include (dependent on timetables):

  • Fieldwork in the Matobo Hills World Heritage Site: assisting researchers with data collection and entry for biodiversity projects
  • Developing and distributing environmental educational materials for rural schools
  • Helping out with office / station-based tasks and sharing skills with staff

Those who choose to spend a fortnight volunteering with Dambari Wildlife Trust can enjoy a unique opportunity to work in small groups “behind the scenes” in a beautiful setting… and your contribution will impact practical conservation directly!

For more information about the Trust visit our website www.dambari.com. To enquire about being a paying volunteer, email admin@dambari.com