SRI involvement

SRI has helped fundraise for the Chyulus since 2003 from its general funds. To donate to this programme click here

 SRI staff have visited the Chyulus on many occasions, and have provided informal training on spreadsheets, PowerPoint and proposal writing and grant reporting.

 Other funders

SRI has solicited funds by successfully submitting funding applications to Chester Zoo’s black rhino fund, Amnéville Zoo, USFWS, the Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, the Van Tienhoven Foundation, the Dischma Charitable Trust, The Treasure Charitable Trust.

 Big Life also does its own fundraising, submitting applications to Tusk Trust, Mohammed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, the Big Life Foundation and others.

 Big Life contributes about 49,000 euros itself, from bed night levies donated by Ol Donyo Wuas lodge and from donations / tips from guests / clients; however around 300,000 euros per year must come from external donors.

To donate to this programme please click here and select Kenya -  Big Life Foundation from the drop down