Corporate Fundraising

Getting your team involved in fundraising is great. It gets everybody excited about the same idea and spurs creative thinking in the workplace. By involving your customers, it will enable you to spread your message far and wide. And the best part is you can make it as creative, as wild or as easy as you like!

Fun ways to fundraise:

  • Go green for rhino conservation with everyone wearing green to work
  • Team building boot camp for the team to get fit and find the ‘toughest rhino’
  • Best dressed rhino competition
  • Rhino-themed bake sale
  • Rhino pub quiz
  • ‘Pay for Pain’ with the team donating to decide the forfeit of your boss (such as dress as a rhino for the day, swap a task for the day, or making the team cups of tea)

If you are interested in cause-related marketing with Save the Rhino International, please get in touch by emailing Josephine, our Corporate Relationship Manager

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