Close up of a black rhino at Ol Jogi Conservancy in Kenya Close up of a black rhino at Ol Jogi Conservancy in Kenya


OnePlace helps companies to manage their customer relationships. Now, they are using their global platform to support rhino conservation.

We’ve joined forces with OnePlace…

OnePlace is a software platform used by companies in the legal and accounting sectors, helping them to successfully manage their relationships with clients and grow their businesses.

Tim Smith, CEO and Founder of OnePlace, has a long-held love for wildlife and has taken inspiration from rhinos to shape the company’s mission: their philosophy is ‘Charge ahead and make growth happen!’

Tim and the team at OnePlace were aware of the mounting threats of poaching and habitat loss affecting rhinos across Africa and Asia. Three of the five species of rhino are Critically Endangered; without protection, they face extinction. Recognising the importance of saving these iconic animals, OnePlace has joined forces with us to raise a minimum of $15,000 to support vital rhino conservation efforts.

“As proud partners of Save the Rhino, we share the organisation’s vision to see all five rhino species of the world thriving in the wild for generations to come.

“In recognition of our commitment to the cause, every customer and licensed user of OnePlace will receive a stuffed toy rhino as a symbol of our gratitude for helping us to raise funds for Save the Rhino.” Tim Smith, CEO and Founder, OnePlace Global.

…and, together, we’re delivering impact for rhinos in the wild

“We’re thrilled that OnePlace is using their global platform to raise vital funds and awareness for rhino conservation. Teamwork is essential to successfully tackle the threats of poaching and habitat loss and we are excited to work with OnePlace to deliver lasting change for critically endangered rhinos across Africa and Asia.” Jack Bedford, Fundraising Officer, Save the Rhino International.

Thank you!