A black rhino in South Africa A black rhino in South Africa

Credit: Steve and Ann Toon

Gold Rhino

Conserving rhinos is at the heart of Gold Rhino’s identity. Together we’re tackling the threats facing rhinos to ensure a brighter future for these iconic animals.

We’ve joined forces with Gold Rhino…

Founded in 2019 by technology entrepreneur Tim Smith, the conservation of rhinos is an important part of Gold Rhino’s DNA. A Private Equity firm inspired by the strength and resilience of these unique animals, Gold Rhino operates with the motto of ‘Forward Together’ to lead their work supporting software companies to grow their business successfully.

Gold Rhino are now bringing this attitude of collaboration to play a more active role in conserving rhinos, donating $7,500 a year to tackle the threats facing rhinos in the wild.

…and, together, we’re delivering impact for rhinos in the wild

Once numbering in their hundreds of thousands, today there are fewer than 30,000 rhinos left across Africa and Asia. Poaching and habitat loss, the main causes of this dramatic decline, are still affecting the prosperity of rhino populations. At Save the Rhino International, we are working with people around the world to counter these threats. From supporting anti-poaching units in South Africa to veterinary interventions in Kenya, demand reduction activities in China and Vietnam, to a conservation breeding programme in Indonesia, we support efforts that deliver the greatest impact for rhinos.

We know that dedicated rhino conservation efforts can lead to success. At the end of the 19th century there were fewer than 100 Southern white rhinos left in the wild, all in South Africa. With long-term commitment and efforts from projects supporting this subspecies, the population today stands at around 18,000 animals, spread across south and east Africa. Collaborating with partners such as Gold Rhino means we can continue funding vital work across Africa and Asia, and ensure all five species of rhino can flourish.

“We’re delighted to partner with Gold Rhino to address the challenges facing rhinos. Poaching and habitat loss are grave threats to the lasting prosperity of rhino populations across Africa and Asia, but by collaborating with passionate partners like Gold Rhino, we can support our international partners to deliver a positive change for rhinos.

“At a time when human impacts on the planet are greater than ever, it is fantastic to work with companies like Gold Rhino to give back and preserve iconic species like rhinos.”

Michaela Butorova, Partnerships Manager

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