Sponsor a programme

You can use our online donation form to donate specifically to a field programme of your choice. 100% of your donation will go to that programme

To donate to a specific rhino programme, please follow the instructions below about how to use our online donation page

  1. Go to our secure online donation page and fill in your details
  2. Select the programme you would like to donate to on the drop down project menu
  3. You can select more than one project to donate to, just select each programme in a different box and fill in the amount you would like to give to each
  4. If you are a UK taxpayer and eligible for gift donations then please fill in the gift aid box
  5. Proceed to check out
  6. If you have any queries regarding your donation please email Katherine@savetherhino.org

White RhinoProgrammes

For more information about each of the field programmes we support, please visit our Africa programmes or Asia programmes pages. You can donate to all of the programmes listed on our website.

Annual Fund

If you are unsure about which programme you would like to donate to, please leave the drop down selection as 'Save the Rhino Annual Fund' and 'Core Support'. We will allocate your donation to the programme with the most current funding need. Click here to donate

Any queries?

You can also call our office on 020 7357 7474 to make a donation over the phone or email katherine@savetherhino.org